Looking, searching, hunting …


The Raspberry Pi was found at last, its SD card given a bit of TLC (old data archived and removed etc.), power supply and free ethernet socket located, ‘apt update’ run and left to complete for a while. Then the moment of truth, the weather station base unit was connected up by USB, and pywws fired up. After a bit of tinkering with status.ini (delete) and weather.ini (remove ftp and mqtt sections that were there for historical reasons) everything seems to be moving along ticketty-boo.

At some point soon I shall point the pywws output (graphs, and text summaries) in the direction of a web server and we can get things up and running.


Currently wondering what the best way to manage a weather station & air quality website might be. Ghost is great, but seems a bit OTT for my needs right now, as well as being difficult to allow simple presentation of basic weather and air quality data. This is likely due to my web site coding limitations as much as anything else.

I quite like the idea behind Hugo, but I cannot make head nor tail of the themes situation there right now. Maybe I had a look through their website when I was too tired, but I got lost quite quickly. I am intrigued by Jekyll though. I never got on the Ruby on Rails bandwagon back in the day, but looking through the docs section of the Jeykyll website things seem pretty clear and self-contained.