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  • Storm Ciaran

    Low pressure, not no pressure

    Storm Ciaran has been passing along the English south coast overnight Wednesday into Thursday morning. The worst had passed by 0700h on Thursday, the trees were almost still by then.

    Observations at this Worthing Weather Station were as follows:

    Maximum gust speed: 55km/h at 0031h Thu

    Minimum temperature: 11.2°C at 2226h Wed

    Lowest pressure: 953.0hPa at 0703h Thu

    Rainfall for Weds (ie. the 24 hrs up to 0900h on Thursday): 17.1mm

    The pressure reading is the lowest I have recorded since this station was set up. I think I saw a Sky News article claiming the all-time record low for England during November is 948hPa, so we were not too far off that.

    Wave height was predicted to be up to 5.5m. There is evidence of some debris being washed up over the beach and onto the shore road (Brighton Road) in East Worthing, but not in any great or concerning quantities.

  • Down but not out

    Weather station hardware problems - resolved!


    About a month ago the weather station hit some hardware problems. At the time it was not obvious that the problems were definitely hardware related, so some troubleshooting needed to take place. Things were busy around here just then, inevitably, and so the troubleshooting took some time.

  • It’s raining 5G in Worthing

    Seems like 5G on Vodafone has arrived in Worthing (Updated- Not so much)

    This is a bit off topic, but something to brighten up a wet Worthing Wednesday: it seems like 5G is available on the Vodafone network across the Worthing area this morning. West Worthing, Sompting, Broadwater, and East Worthing all seem to have a good strong signal today.

  • Super dry summer?

    Dry, but not completely

    The rain is due to start tomorrow, and it has been dry for a long time in Worthing now. However, only since 23 July (3 weeks ago). On that day the weather station recorded 7.8mm of rain. Previous to that we had a small amount (0.6mm) on 20 July, and the same amount also on 5 July. The total for the whole month of July was only 9.0mm of rain, which is low for a monthly total.

    The month of June was wetter with 27.9mm of rain, but that may pale in comparison to the figures for August, especially if the promised downpours appear. We may end up dealing with a hosepipe ban and floods at the same time.

  • November by contrast

    Drier, colder, more photogenic...

    November has started, and is forecast to continue for the first week at least, a colder and drier month than October. That’s not a difficult thing to achieve, with October having been unusually wet and perhaps unseasonably warm.

  • October rules rainfall

    So far October is the wettest month of the year

    October is officially the wettest month of the year so far in our back garden, beating January comfortably. We recorded 118.8mm of rain for October, and only 96.6mm for January.

  • August blown away

    September beats August's average temperatures

    A month ago I was wondering if the remainder of August would be hot enough to beat the average highs for July this year. The forecasts didn’t hold out much hope, and in the end reality matched them. August was cooler on average than July by 0.7°C

  • August high?

    Which month will be the greatest?

    At my previous weather station I recorded data in one location for just under nine years. Out of those nine years the maximum temperature in August was higher than in July on four occasions.

  • Colourizing and theming

    Tinkering with colouring and contemplating theming

    Over the past few years Pywws (the software that collects and processes weather data for this station) has developed and improved, but my templates for tables and particularly graphs have not kept pace. At some point Pywws updated the way in which colours are expressed in the graph templates, and my old format files got left behind.

  • Turning the tables ... on

    It's tough to turn tables into a tantalizing topic

    So, the tables have been turned on! There has been a bit of tinkering: adjusting the formatting to squeeze onto a mobile screen, tidying up the order of columns across the summary tables so they match, switching units to metricish.

  • Raspberry Pi Rising

    Ale never go to the steak for my Pi

    Looking, searching, hunting …

  • Weather station mounting

    It's there and it's happening, even though you can't see it yet. But you will. Honest.

    The exterior weather station was mounted today in what I hope will be its permanent location.

  • Weather station deployment

    That's one small weather database for mankind, one ... erm ... no, it's really just a small database.

    The exterior weather station unit was deployed today ahead of the start of the new year tonight. It is not yet in its final mounted position - a visit to the local DIY store is still necessary for bits - but we can begin collecting some valid temperature data. Wind speed and rainfall are unlikely to be super accurate yet.