So, the tables have been turned on! There has been a bit of tinkering: adjusting the formatting to squeeze onto a mobile screen, tidying up the order of columns across the summary tables so they match, switching units to metricish.

I’m sticking with kilometres per hour for windspeed now, not miles per hour. Technically, true metric would be metres per second but I do not have an intuitive feel for that yet so I’m not going there at this time.

These approximations help a bit:

10 mph = 16 km/h =  4.5 m/s
25 mph = 40 km/h = 11 m/s
40 mph = 64 km/h = 18 m/s

And perhaps most helpfully, but again approximately:

90 mph = 144 km/h = 40 m/s
45 mph =  72 km/h = 20 m/s
 9 mph =  14 km/h =  4 m/s

There are some more substantial additions to the tables. Pressure data is now included in the longer period summaries: today and yesterday, and the last seven days. And we now have timestamps on all maximum and minimum values on the today and yesterday table, so it is easy to tell at what time it was hottest, or windiest, etc.

The home page is still a work in progress. There are the graphs to include, and I would like to get some responsive colourization of the chart boxes depending on the values being displayed, eg. blue for -4°C, and red for 31°C.