Over the past few years Pywws (the software that collects and processes weather data for this station) has developed and improved, but my templates for tables and particularly graphs have not kept pace. At some point Pywws updated the way in which colours are expressed in the graph templates, and my old format files got left behind. The old method allowed colours to be identified by numbers that selected from a short-list of possibilities (along the lines of 1 = red, 2 = blue, etc), but when the system changed those numbers changed their meaning and colour schemes went out of the window.

I will also say that the documentation for Pywws’s template module is sparse.

The new system allows colours to be expressed using HTML-style RGB values, preceeded by an alpha value, ie. #AARRGGBB, and my graph templates have now been updated to reflect that. I’ve come up with a new colour scheme for the tables and graphs that should at least be consistent, even if I will probably realise in six months time that it is in fact hideous and should be edited with extreme prejudice.

I’m still fiddling wiih the Jekyll theming model in the background - I am currently using a modified Minima theme which seems to work well across desktop and mobile screens, and which Google Search Console doesn’t seem to complain about in terms of format and legibility.

Blog posting with Jekyll is definitely not as straightforward as with Ghost, and the presentation and functionality is a lot more basic, but the simpler installation and theming makes tweaking things to add new bits and pieces to the website much easier. And it remains to be seen how much blog posting I want to do here.