Storm Ciaran has been passing along the English south coast overnight Wednesday into Thursday morning. The worst had passed by 0700h on Thursday, the trees were almost still by then.

Observations at this Worthing Weather Station were as follows:

Maximum gust speed: 55km/h at 0031h Thu

Minimum temperature: 11.2°C at 2226h Wed

Lowest pressure: 953.0hPa at 0703h Thu

Rainfall for Weds (ie. the 24 hrs up to 0900h on Thursday): 17.1mm

The pressure reading is the lowest I have recorded since this station was set up. I think I saw a Sky News article claiming the all-time record low for England during November is 948hPa, so we were not too far off that.

Wave height was predicted to be up to 5.5m. There is evidence of some debris being washed up over the beach and onto the shore road (Brighton Road) in East Worthing, but not in any great or concerning quantities.