A month ago I was wondering if the remainder of August would be hot enough to beat the average highs for July this year. The forecasts didn’t hold out much hope, and in the end reality matched them. August was cooler on average than July by 0.7°C, and the maximum temperature for August, at only 25.0°C, was 3.6°C lower than July’s 28.6°C. Which was the greatest month? July. Easily.

An excerpt from the monthly weather summary tables for Jul - Sep 2021
Month Temperature (°C) Rainfall (mm)
daytime maximum nighttime minimum
high avg low high avg low
Sep 2021 27.3 22.7 18.4 19.3 14.6 10.0 18.3
Aug 2021 25.0 21.4 18.4 17.0 14.4 12.1 28.2
Jul 2021 28.6 22.7 18.7 18.3 15.5 11.8 33.3

At this point in time August’s average temperature is lower even than September’s. As of 23 September this month has an average maximum temperature of 22.7, the same as July, which means it is 0.7°C above August. Will it keep the crown, and maybe even beat July? Watch this space.

One thing is for sure though, September has already beaten August’s highest daytime maximum temperature - 27.3°C recorded on 8 September.